Sunday, March 28, 2010

Delicious Day

Okay, so I took pics of my food and they looked fine on my camera but when I put them on my computer, they were completely obscured. Too much flash or something. I'll fix it for next time, but yesterday's food will be photo-less. Sorry... :(

Anyway, I had a snack in the morning cause I woke up later and then drove down to Hanover to see my boyfriend race. When I got back, at 2pm, I headed over to my parents' and had lunch with my mom & bro. Mom & I had Dr. Praeger's Tex-Mex veggie burgers on multi-grain sandwich thins with avocado spread and chipotle mayo with a small slice of pepperjack cheese. (I can handle cheese in very small quantities.) The chipotle mayo was homemade by my brother, who is awesome at homemade condiments (as well as other things). He makes a barbeque sauce that is INCREDIBLE!!

Anyway, we ate the sandwiches and my brother had a turkey pastrami on rye with the avocado, chipotle mayo & pepper jack. Mom & I also split a golden delicious apple and I had a couple small slivers of chocolate for dessert.

In the evening, I went to Dave & Buster's to celebrate my friend Heather's birthday. I had one beer -- Blue Moon (I rarely drink, but since it was a special occasion, I figured why not?), which took me three hours to drink. Alongside it, we had a bunch of appetizers and then I ordered the Turkey Avocado BLT, minus the bacon. It was delicious!!! Served on multigrain bread and fries on the side, it was definitely the best choice. I was so full by the time I finished that I had like 5 fries, but that's probably a good thing. I have a weakness for potatoes...

Dave & Buster's was really fun. After dinner, we played games for a few hours and I won a bunch of tickets and I cashed them in for a food chopper in the Winner's Circle. I'll try to get some pics of me using it. I was more excited about that than any of the dumb stuffed animals there. haha.

Today will be a crazy food day. Quick breakfast, quick lunch, possibly some dinner. I'll update if I eat anything interesting...

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