Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nothing new, really.

I haven't eaten anything too interesting lately. Went over to my parents' this morning and ate the last of my mom's egg whites in an egg-white scramble w/ mushrooms & onions. (Also, a sprinkle of lemon pepper and a tad of Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb cheese. I can have it in small doses.)

Yesterday, I ate a rather icky sandwich. I've really been craving soup lately, but haven't made any. Still have to finish up the pasta in my fridge. I also have a leftover potato from McAlister's w/ grilled chicken & tomatoes on top. It was really delicious, but one potato is too much for one sitting.

I'm planning to watch Food, Inc. with my mom and boyfriend tomorrow night. And possibly my brother. Not sure if he'll be there... I'll let you all know how I like it. Both my mom and Daniel have seen it before, so I'll be the newbie there. But I'm excited!!

Sorry for the boring-ness. I'm hoping to get some more interesting stuff up here soon.

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