Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food, Inc. + Outdoor Overload

I've been meaning to update and I don't feel much like it tonight, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I apologize if it ends up being lame...

First, I finally got to watch Food, Inc. with the parents & my boyfriend. Dad actually sat through the whole thing and we paused at a couple places to discuss or clarify things. I'm not gonna lie to you: I cried at a couple parts. The way they treat animals is just horrible. Here are a couple things I took away from it:

- Mass-produced tomatoes are picked while green and then ripened with ethylene gas. Gross. My mom and grandparents have grown tomatoes in their gardens, so I know what a tomato is supposed to look like when you pick it and when it ripens naturally off the vine. The fact that they use a synthetic gas to ripen tomatoes totally grosses me out.
- Farms have been replaced by factories. There were shots of industrial "farms" that just treated chickens, cows & pigs as if they were some material in an assembly line. It's all about who can produce the most meat the fastest and it's become something that most Americans choose to ignore, even if they know about it.
- Meat-packing companies "have to" produce a lot of food on a small amount of land at an affordable price. So, they compromise quality and compassion in order to meet the demands of our carnivorous society. I seriously wanted to puke & cry simultaneously after watching this.

So, that's my take on "Food, Inc." Overall, a great movie and I would recommend it to literally everyone, not just people who are already health-conscious. *Everyone* needs to be aware of these issues.

And to the next part of my post, the bf & I went to the Canal (in Indianapolis, which is where I live) to walk and enjoy the beautiful 75* day. It was awesome, but I think I overdid it. I'm not used to being outside a ton, especially since we had a ridiculously cold winter and it just started getting decently warm a few weeks ago. So, I'm sunburned and my head is killing me.

But we did take a picnic lunch to eat and here was my favorite part of the meal:

These raisins are AMAZING!! Whenever my mom gets them, I always mooch a few. They are super plump and uber-delicious. I'm a nanny during the week and I watch an 18-month-old girl. She loves these too. Every time I get them out and start snacking, she's in my lap asking for "mo', mo'." In fact, most Earthbound Organics products that we've had are pretty delicious.

Well, I'm trying to wind down from my crazy day with a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea. I have two coffee dates tomorrow: one with my bro (and probably the 'rents) and one with my friend Ryan. I can only manage about one cup of coffee a day, so I'll probably end up getting tea for one of those. Maybe if I get up in time, I'll post about breakfast. (with pictures!!)

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