Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meatless Easter

Easter lunch was amazing today!! Mom made some awesome, awesome food.

We had the following:
- fruit salad (made w/ bananas+strawberries+apples+grapes+pineapple)
- ham (ugh, pork...)
- green beans+pearl potatoes
- deviled eggs
- corn on the cob
- bean salad (made w/ white beans, kidney beans, red onion & olives from Whole Foods)

Here's my plate. I had a little of everything, minus the ham. Since, I wasn't eating any meat, I filled up on deviled eggs & bean salad for my protein. The bean salad was unbelievable!! She didn't add any seasonings, but the red onion & olives gave it great flavor. I got to take all the leftovers home. :D

Fruit bowl!! I counted this + some Easter basket candy as my dessert.

To drink, I made a mocktail of POM juice (part of my Easter basket) & Sprite Zero. (My dad keeps this around to mix w/ cranberry juice.) It was really good!! Pomegranate juice tends to be expensive, so I'm gonna get some club soda and drink this a little bit at a time. Plus, it's too rich for me to drink it straight.

Cleaned my plate! The corn & the green beans were vegetables that mom had frozen last summer/fall and we broke them out for today. They tasted as fresh as if they'd been picked yesterday!! Yummy!! :D

I was rather proud of myself for foregoing meat this Easter. That's really difficult to do during the holidays, because it's usually such a main dish.

It's made me think about other substitutions for other holidays. Fourth of July = veggie burgers (black bean burgers are my fave!). Other than that, I can't think of others. Tofurkey is NOT an option in my family. In fact, in my dad's extended family (who we spend most holidays with), eating healthy with lots of veggies is almost unheard of. I wonder what Thanksgiving will be like this year...

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