Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breakfast Taco for Dinner.

I went over to Mom+Dad's last night for our weekly Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution night of fun. I wasn't feeling super well, but I decided to eat some food anyway and then I ended up feeling a lot better after. I always end up eating eggs when I go over there, because I don't keep them around my house much. It doesn't make sense for me to buy a whole dozen when I only eat three or four maximum a week. (Sometimes, not even that much.)

My parents had gone to On The Border the night before and brought back some of their fresh tortillas! I LOVE really good fresh tortillas, and I'm looking forward to trying a recipe that I found on MamaPea's blog. Anyway, here was my dinner last night:

I ended up using the fresh tortillas, egg whites, onion, mushroom, lemon pepper and a generous sprinkle of cayenne pepper to add some kick. These really hit the spot. I was really full afterward, but I didn't really end up snacking later on, which I tend to do throughout the night, especially if I'm watching TV.

Apparently, I'm on a Mexican food kick lately, because I made tacos with some friends on Monday night and I'm going to finish up the leftovers today for lunch. Hopefully, they're still good... :/

The others had beef tacos, but my tacos were black beans+refried beans w/ chili powder, cayenne pepper, onion & garlic. Mom & I went to Trader Joe's & Whole Foods today, and she picked up some heirloom tomatoes, so I'm gonna add some of those, along with spinach and a touch of salsa. I'm really looking forward to them... In fact, I'm gonna go eat those now... :D

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