Friday, March 26, 2010

Dude. Two words. Jamie Oliver.

Tonight, I went over to my parents' house after we all went out for dinner and we (Mom, brother & I) watched "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." It was premiere event and it was AWESOME!! If you missed it, or have no idea what I'm talking about, Check out the link above.

Basically, Jamie Oliver is this British chef/food guy who changed a lot of things in Britain and he's come to America and visited the unhealthiest town in the U.S. to turn things around.

Have you ever seen a chicken nugget made? Gross. Pure grossness. Technically, he made it the way the British do and not how Americans do, but it's probably rather similar. I wanted to throw up. I'm not sure if it's in that link I show above. The premiere was a two-parter and it was in the second part.

I really hope he can make some changes in this town. I think this might become a weekly thing with my family now. At least, I hope so. My mom is big on healthy eating and my brother loves food, so this was a good show for us to watch together. My dad can't sit still and watch it unless there are cars or guns, but he came in to see a few snippets every now and then. (He's a hoverer...)

Sorry I haven't done any pictures yet. I've had issues with getting this thing to post pictures for me before, but I'll try to take pics of food I make/eat to post on here from time to time. Have a good weekend!


Stephen E. Foxworthy said...

Link? What link? I see no link!

Emilee Joy said...

I know!! I'll fix it!!

Emilee Joy said...

It works now!! :D