Saturday, November 6, 2010

Food today.

Here's a quick post about the food I had today. It was crazy busy!

Green Tea Smoothie w/ pineapple
two buckwheat pancakes from what I'd made last night (see previous post)

Black Bean Soup from Panera
(and I had the whole grain baguette)

cup of leafy green salad
two large carrot sticks
two large celery stalks
roasted red pepper hummus

Breakfast cookie
trail mix
Cranberry Walnut Bread (from Whole Foods)

I also drank two cups of tea: one green tea and the other oolong. And I'm stick working on getting my water quotient for the day.

I got lots of protein today and a good amount of veggies, but I have quite the headache tonight. I don't know if it's because of the stress of a long day or what, but I'm gonna finish cooking some black beans on the stove and then GO TO BED!**

**Good sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. I think I struggle with this more than the food or caffeine aspects.

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