Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have had WAY too much sugar today. I brought a bunch of cookies with me to work--bad idea. I need to limit myself to one, MAYBE two a day. I also broke down and had a soda for the first time in about three weeks. Also, a bad idea. I am on sugar overload and I feel like crap. There wasn't even a sugar high for any moment. I just had a "Ooo, this is yummy" moment and then instant crash. Headache, fatigue. I just really want a nap.

I started off the day really well. Orange for first breakfast, multi-grain bagel for second breakfast. Popcorn for lunch. I didn't eat what I actually brought for lunch. Things got really busy with the little ones around here today. I think I may just take the night off from my scheduled workout, eat an early dinner and then relax and try to come down from this sugar hangover. Then I'll get up in the morning and head over to the gym while everyone else is at work. I'm so glad for Flexible Fridays. (Which isn't an actual thing, except for me.) :)

So, word of advice to people trying to be healthy: when you go cold turkey off of sugar, don't OD on it later. You will pay the price... :/

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