Saturday, February 12, 2011

I ate awesome pizza.

Seriously, it was amazing. The fam and I went to Jockamo Pizza tonight after church (I visited my parents' church for a special sermon series). It was CRAZY busy and our order got lost a couple times. :/ But the waiting was all worth it because that pizza was SO good! I ordered a 10" cheeseless pizza with mushrooms and pineapple (my fave combo). Mmmmm... I took half of it home with me. Here's the beauty:

They just opened this place in Greenwood, so I'm looking forward to visiting again. Just maybe not on a Saturday night at 8pm...

We did our Whole Foods run this morning, along with some other stops at Trader Joe's, Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company and the Apple Store. (And Chipotle for lunch!) Mom bought a ton of produce so that we can make some juice this week, so as soon as we got back to her house, I got to work making Green Juice. We didn't have a green apple, so we substituted red. And I forgot to remind Mom to get ginger at the store, so we didn't have that in it.

It was pretty decent. I like the grapefruit blend we first tried a bit better, but I think I'd have to get used to vegetable juice. It tasted a bit like drinking a salad, which I didn't have a problem with. The kale had a really strong flavor and I used a whole lemon. And I think the ginger would have given it a different flavor. But overall, it was pretty yummy.
Whenever I thought of juicing before, I never really thought of the leftovers. But it's definitely something to consider, seeing as how it takes a bit of effort to clean them up...

Hahaha. That's all the pulp that's leftover when you're done juicing. Thankfully it's mostly dry, but it's still funny. It'll be nice when the snow melts and I can just go throw it out on the compost pile. (It's all the way in the back of my parents' yard and there was still about a foot of snow covering the yard when I juiced today.)

Tomorrow is my day to relax. And go get the groceries that I left in Mom's refrigerator...

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