Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a little bit.

So, I started my day intending to take pictures of all the food I ate and give a run-down of my meals. But that only worked for two of them. I was so hungry at lunch that I dug right in and forgot to snap a pic! But I had Panera again. I decided to treat myself to Garden Veggie Soup (no pesto) in a bread bowl, since it was Friday and I've had such a stressful week.

But here's how I started my day:

I got up early before work to go to the gym--a first for me! I woke up at 7am, got my gym clothes on, and ate this rice cake+PB so that I could have some work-out fuel! I got to the gym at about 7:30, and I thought that would be a great time, since most of the early morning exercisers would be headed to work by then! WRONG! The parking lot wasn't crazy full, but when I got upstairs to the weight room, all of the ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes were full! There weren't many people there, but they all seemed to be on the same machines I wanted to use. So I went out next to the track and did some Carl Sandburg stretches. (Mentioned in The Engine 2 Diet) These felt great and killed a little bit of time, but when I was done, only one machine had freed up and that was the treadmill: my LEAST favorite.

I sucked it up and walked/ran on it anyway. I did a shorter time though, because my knees were killing me. But I still got my heart rate up into the target zone, so I made good progress, I'd say. Planning to do yoga in the morning before our Whole Foods trip. :)

I also had to hurry up a bit because I needed to get into the office by 9am. That didn't happen. After breakfast and getting ready, I came in at 9:30am. I'm lucky to have a job with flexible hours like that! Breakfast was a bowl of yummy Kashi cereal.

This Go Lean Crunch! is amazing. It has a great sweetness to it. I had mine with coconut milk. (I also recommend the Go Lean Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble. Mmmm...) I generally prefer almond milk on my cereal, but I'm out. I need to pick up more from the store tomorrow. I plan to make smoothies this week!! (Like always...)

Mom and I had a juicing adventure tonight. :) She was able to borrow a juicer from a guy at work, so we're gonna buy some produce at the store and experiment with juices this week, to see if we want to invest in buying one. We went ahead and used some produce that she already had on hand. (She's always overflowing with yummy produce.) We tried a grapefruit/apple/carrot/celery blend. I really liked it, Mom thought it was pretty good (she thought we should have only used half the grapefruit) and Dad was disgusted. haha. He's not a huge fan of grapefruit and isn't actually allowed to have it because of one of his prescriptions. (One sip of the juice wouldn't harm anything, though.)

I'm really excited to see what other concoctions we'll come up with! We didn't take any pictures--we were too enthralled with the new toy!! (Plus Mom was too embarrassed by her kitchen--has she seen mine???) But we'll get some pics up this week. I also have a few more posts planned out. Hopefully I can get some grocery pics tomorrow and I'm contemplating a picture-less post about sleep vs. social life that I've been struggling with lately. I'll keep you "posted" on those!

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