Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living Alone

Today seems like the perfect day to discuss this topic, as most of Indiana (and the Midwest, for that matter) are shut inside their homes due to Icemageddon 2011.

I am single. I love being single. Sure, it has its depressing moments. Like when I need a date for a party or something and there is no one there to help me out. But I'm only 24. No rush, no fuss.

One of my favorite parts of being single: living alone. Now, I have lots of single friends. Some live alone, some don't. Of those that don't, they're split pretty evenly between living with their parents or living with a roommate. Living with parents (or a roommate, for that matter) is definitely a way to save on rent. But when I lived with my parents, I still paid them rent (albeit, very, very cheap rent) and there was only one bathroom. I also lived in my mom's craft room (this is post-college) and had less than half the room for all of my personal belongings. Not good.

A little over a year ago, I moved out to the apartment I'm living in now. And I love it. It's a very small apartment (I don't know the square footage, but it's not much), but all of the space is MINE! Yay!! I know that one day, I'll probably have to share my space with others, but for now, I'm enjoying making it my own.

I can leave my clothes on the floor:

I can fully take advantage of my OCD and organize my DVDs alphabetically and not have to yell at someone when they put it back wrong:

I can spend $25 on a funky, vintage couch from Goodwill and not have it match anything in my home and still love it. (In fact, nothing in my apartment matches anything else...)

I can go a couple days without doing dishes and no one will complain (except my mom if she comes over...)

I can dump my coats, sweaters, papers, etc on the futon in the living room once I get home and not have to worry about cleaning it up until I have guests.

Essentially, I get to be a major slob. But I also have my moments where I want everything to be clean, so living in a tiny apartment with no one else in my way means I get to clean the whole thing in about two hours. Score!

Some people would consider it a little scary to live alone, but it totally suits me. I love my neighborhood. (Now if only I lived within walking distance of a Whole Foods!)

And my favorite part of living alone?? I don't have to fight anyone for the bathroom first thing in the morning! Yay!!


SentimentsbyDenise said...

You should do a blog post about your house "guest" last night - a good contrast to this post! heehee!
(Any photos?)

Emilee Joy said...

I did not take any pics. I'd rather blog about something slightly more interesting than having my brother sleep on my futon while I annoyed him with questions every two minutes.